My pics for ‘Zoomin Studios’

Folks, I am happy to announce that ‘Zoomin’ approached me to use my pictures for their in-store samples of various products and other marketing collateral. Here are some pics of their products made from my pics. Photobooks and flipbooks Canvas made from a collage of a family photo-shoot. More pics from that shoot is here. […]

Starting out as a freelance writer

I started writing for Deccan Herald as a freelance writer. And here is my first article. This appears in the Education supplement of today’s paper. I will continue to write for the paper. If any of you have anything that you would like me to write about, please feel free to email me – chitra[_]aiyer[@]yahoo[.]com […]

A Huge Personal Loss

This post is not going to be easy for me to write. I lost my father a couple of weeks ago to his prolonged illness caused by the metastasized prostate cancer. Diagnosed at an advanced stage 6.5 years ago, it has been a long hard battle for all of us. At the time of diagnosis, […]

Dr. Arvind Shenoi, our pediatrician

A few months ago, I had written a post asking readers to refer good pediatricians practicing in Bangalore. And there were many responses, thanks to all you folks who referred the peds you liked. Since then, I have had many questions from other readers about whom I had chosen and what my experiences were. For […]

Real life stories #1

I know of an old couple who live by themselves in a typical Bangalore neighborhood. I will call them uncle Y and aunty U. Uncle Y is 80 now and aunty U is 70! And in spite of aunty’s occasional health scares, the two of them managed to take care of their own affairs and […]