Now that Niketa Mehta has had a miscarriage ….

…. maybe we can all leave her alone. While I understand how important it was to debate the issue, to have the media on her face was very hard to watch. She was going through whatever it was that she was going through, but to be on the media as much as she was must […]

Ahmedabad blasts, one day after blasts in Bangalore

17 explosions in Ahmedabad on Jul 27th evening – 40 people killed and over a 100 others injured. It is hard not to notice the commonality between Bangalore, Ahmedabad, and Jaipur (serial blasts on May 13th ’08) –  major cities in BJP ruled states. Read here. BJP-Ruled States: Himachal Pradesh Chattisgarh Gujarat (Ahmedabad) Madhya Pradesh […]

‘Idli’s and ‘Dosa’s come out winners!

According to this news article, a new research concludes that the ‘bathura’s and the ‘paratha’s are more bad for you than the French fries. *The trans-fatty acids (hydrogenated oils and fats) in French fries (per 100 gm) is 4.2%-6.1%, it is 9.5% in bhatura, 7.8% in paratha and 7.6% each in puri and tikkis. The […]

CBSE or ICSE – What to choose?

If you are seeking admissions for your child in Indian schools, you are likely to ponder over the syllabuses to choose from. In this post, I will list what people have to say about the CBSE and the ICSE syllabuses. Since the time Sivabalan, an r2blore reader, listed a few points about the CBSE and […]

R2I – 1 Year later – Part 2

Dear people, here’s the promised part 2 of the one year after returning to Bangalore topic. Read it here.