R2I – 1 Year and counting (Part 1)

Yes folks, it has been a year since we returned. We flew into Bangalore in the early hrs of Oct 8th 2006. And there is only word to describe how I feel after a year – bittersweet! Read it here.

Jobs in Bangalore

One of the most asked questions over email from r2Blore readers has been about jobs in Bangalore. And the ways and means to land one. I will write a detailed post on this topic sometime this month. This post is to let you know that right now, I know a couple of MNCs that are […]

Summer of ’07

(Alright, so I have Bryan Adams and his ‘Summer of 69’ in my head as I type the title of the post. Let it stay that way.) Since the time I went off to the US, I planned all my trips to India during Decembers or Julys, just to skip being here in the summers, […]