The Delhi High Court legalises gay sex

Read the news just a while ago that the Delhi High Court has legalised gay sex. And well, havent we come a long way? The gist – I am happy for the Indian gay community. And here’s a simple theory¬†– more the¬†restrictions, more weirder do things get. And really who are we to dictate who […]

Happy 2nd Birthday, Radio Indigo

Bangalore’s fm radio station, Radio Indigo 91.9 turns 2 today. And I wish them a very happy birthday and my very best. Why? Because that is the one channel that I am tuned into most of the time and everyday! And the only other channel that I used to listen to was Fever 104. But […]

Dr. Arvind Shenoi, our pediatrician

A few months ago, I had written a post asking readers to refer good pediatricians practicing in Bangalore. And there were many responses, thanks to all you folks who referred the peds you liked. Since then, I have had many questions from other readers about whom I had chosen and what my experiences were. For […]

Real life stories #1

I know of an old couple who live by themselves in a typical Bangalore neighborhood. I will call them uncle Y and aunty U. Uncle Y is 80 now and aunty U is 70! And in spite of aunty’s occasional health scares, the two of them managed to take care of their own affairs and […]

Bangalore – Living in independant homes and living in gated communities – Pros and Cons

Very recently, one of the readers asked me this “my hubby wants to build an independent house and settle down in Bangalore (now in USA)..but i keep reading in newspapers abt robberies and stuff so am not able to make decision about this . Can u share ur thoughts regarding this.” This post covers my […]