For you, a thousand times over

Just finished watching the movie, ‘The Kite Runner’. What a well made movie. While I have read the book and enjoyed the book too, the movie really made an impression on me. Beautiful narration, pace, cinematography, cast, and lovely, lovely picture tones. Overall, awesome. I enjoyed the book too – especially the first half. Loved […]

Inception – my thoughts

Gist – The movie isnt as incredible as it could have been. In spite of that, I left the theatre feeling exhilarated. Having said that, I will go on to elaborate …. So, why do I think it isn’t as incredible as I think it could have been? Simply because Nolan is a narrator, he […]

Wake up Sid – Movie review

I am not one who hits the movie theatres too much, especially now, after the kids. However, there was this little something about the trailer of ‘Wake up Sid’ that I knew I wanted to watch the movie. I had ‘youtube’d the songs quite a bit and knew it had a certain something that I […]