My photography work featured in the Sunday Bangalore Mirror

My wedding photography work was featured in this Sunday’s Bangalore Mirror paper. The online article is in the ‘Times of India’ e-version – A big thank you to ‘Aparna Chandra’ and the ‘Bangalore Mirror’ team. Other mentions of my work and a few minutes of fame are all here –

Tag – 7 things about myself

Perhaps my first …. hmm maybe my second … tag on this site. I remember doing one on flickr – writing 16 things about myself. Now, I need to do 7 things about myself. I am thinking I will do a new set of 7, however, there maybe a few things that I will need […]

The decade that went by

It was probably the most significant decade of my life – 2000 – 2009. I entered the decade newly married … starting out a new life with one of the nicest guys I know. We set up home, hit the road often, traveled a lot and had a fun, happy time. I know I will […]

A Huge Personal Loss

This post is not going to be easy for me to write. I lost my father a couple of weeks ago to his prolonged illness caused by the metastasized prostate cancer. Diagnosed at an advanced stage 6.5 years ago, it has been a long hard battle for all of us. At the time of diagnosis, […]

Dr. Arvind Shenoi, our pediatrician

A few months ago, I had written a post asking readers to refer good pediatricians practicing in Bangalore. And there were many responses, thanks to all you folks who referred the peds you liked. Since then, I have had many questions from other readers about whom I had chosen and what my experiences were. For […]