A Huge Personal Loss

This post is not going to be easy for me to write. I lost my father a couple of weeks ago to his prolonged illness caused by the metastasized prostate cancer. Diagnosed at an advanced stage 6.5 years ago, it has been a long hard battle for all of us. At the time of diagnosis, […]

R2I – No FRO/FRRO registration maybe required for kids under 16 yrs of age

In Jun of ‘07, I had gone to the FRO’s office in Bangalore and the FRO’s office had clearly said how we needed to get our kids registered. But recently, when my husband was returning to India, he noticed what the immigration forms given in flight have to say. Read more here.

Bangalore – Living in independant homes and living in gated communities – Pros and Cons

Very recently, one of the readers asked me this “my hubby wants to build an independent house and settle down in Bangalore (now in USA)..but i keep reading in newspapers abt robberies and stuff so am not able to make decision about this . Can u share ur thoughts regarding this.” This post covers my […]

R2I – 1 Year later – Part 2

Dear people, here’s the promised part 2 of the one year after returning to Bangalore topic. Read it here.

R2I – 1 Year and counting (Part 1)

Yes folks, it has been a year since we returned. We flew into Bangalore in the early hrs of Oct 8th 2006. And there is only word to describe how I feel after a year – bittersweet! Read it here.