Alive and Clicking, A Memoir by TS Satyan – A Review

One of my recent reads that I completely enjoyed reading – T. S. Satyan’s ‘Alive and Clicking’, a memoir. While he has been a wonderful photographer, he shows us the incredible writer that he is with this memoir. All of the book is written like as if he is recollecting things that happened just a […]

R2I – 1 Year and counting (Part 1)

Yes folks, it has been a year since we returned. We flew into Bangalore in the early hrs of Oct 8th 2006. And there is only word to describe how I feel after a year – bittersweet! Read it here.

Eurokids – A Franchisee Operation

Earlier, I had written a review for the Eurokids school that our daughter went to. Overall, she seemed to have a good time and liked her time there. Having said that, I wanted to share one of our “not-so-great” experiences that might give a complete picture about Eurokids…. Read More Here

Burrp! turned 1

What’s Burrp18? Burrp’s an Indian website where you can find and share your views on local stuff such as restaurants, bars, nightlife, street food, juice centres, desserts, bakeries, etc. Started in Mumbai, it currently serves Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata. On Aug 15th, Burrp turned 1. The very nice Meenakshi Goveas who works for […]