A drive in the clouds, Horsley Hills

While at Rishi Valley, on one morning after breakfast, we drove up Horsley Hills, which is not too far away from the campus. That morning, it was cloudy, with mild drizzles, and the entire landscape was beautiful. We knew it could only get prettier as climbed up the hills. The view from one of the […]

A relaxed weekend at the Rishi Valley

The Rishi Valley residential school had always sounded very inviting. For long, there was an interest to visit the place. However, in the last year or so, with our increased interest in schools and the education system and while running our pet project, Zeeksha.com, the husband and I have been running into many folks in […]

The beautiful and forceful waterfalls at Athirapally – our experience

When we were looking at places to cover in the Trichur surrounds, my cousin’s husband mentioned the Athirapally falls. I have known of the falls – thanks to the internet, also thanks to director Mani Ratnam’s fascination with the spot. And well, it got into our itinerary almost immediately. (We have taken the kids to […]

My daughter’s spirit

We just got back from our road trip to my native place, a little place deep within the western ghats in Kerala, and a bunch of places, also in Kerala. It was beautiful trip – brought me close to my childhood, touched many layers of my emotions, and helped me share little things from my […]

The very serene Irpu Rameshwara temple

I have many places to write about from our summer vacation, and well I havent been. The task seems daunting and I havent had the time. However, today I am starting off with a post about the Rameshwara temple near Irpu falls in the beautiful district of Coorg. We visited the beautiful falls and came […]