The road trip to Hyderabad

The trip to Hyderabad was a long pending one – husband’s aunt who has been there for 3 years had been inviting us to pay a visit. Also, recently, the daughter at school got a small comprehension worksheet about the Laad bazaar and its bangles. The last question in the sheet was to find out […]

Presenting a talk at the Fotocamp this weekend

Hello folks, I am presenting a talk at the Fotocamp. Fotocamp is taking place at Frames of Mind 2010, Bangalore Photography Club’s fifth annual exhibition. FoM 2010 is this weekend at the ChitraKala Parishat, Bangalore. Fotocamp is on the 23rd, Saturday. I am scheduled to present my talk at 12.45 pm on the 23rd, that […]

About ‘Where was it Shot?’

One of my photographer friends, Amar Rameshbabu has started a website called with a couple of his friends. The site is an online catalog for famous/picturesque Indian movie locations. I am posting here the information he has shared with me. Do hop over and check the site out. ************ If there is one thing […]

Happy Diwali, folks

Here’s President Obama delivering Diwali wishes. He even has a why we celebrate Diwali bit in it. So, I will post the video and wish you all health, happiness, and prosperity this Diwali season.

Time for school admissions

It is that time of the year when parents are gearing up for school admissions. Here’s a post about the factors we considered for narrowing down on a school for our kids. Read more here.