Bangalore from inside a Vayu Vajra

Recently, I was riding in the Volvo Vayu Vajra to reach the venue of a photography assignment. When I saw the city whizz by, I took a few pics. As I was looking at the city, the city I grew up in, through the viewfinder, I was left with different feelings – nostalgia, a feeling […]

Tuition classes – What do Bangalore teachers and parents have to say?

In the last week’s Education Supplement in the Deccan Herald, one of my articles appeared. The online version is here. Here’s a slightly longer version of the same. Tuition classes have come to be a mainstay and are a big part of our educational ecosystem. With the kind of competition children these days face at […]

Muthathi – A day’s trip from Bangalore

Going forth I will write about trips that we do as a family. And write it from a mom’s PoV. Will also include how it worked out for the kids. Will start of with our day trip to Muthathi that we did in Oct 07. Oh yeah, it has been a while, but I am […]

Bangalore’s miserable Monday

One of worst Mondays for Bangaloreans – the traffic came to a complete stop on most of North and central Bangalore roads on Monday, as a consequence of thousands of people attending the JD(S) convention held at the city’s Palace grounds. Read more here.

Considering the level of participation we have had for school posts on from parents and guardians looking for schools for their children and wards, I thought it essential to build something exclusively for that community – the school searching, researching, reviewing, giving feedback community. And so, a couple of friends and I have built […]